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Participation in Global Compact

In support of Global Compact as proposed by the United Nations, the KOYOU Group officially joined in August 2010, becoming Japan's first rental business to announce its participation in the initiative. On the basis of the Sampo-Yoshi philosophy (a traditional merchant philosophy of aiming for the good of the seller, the buyer and society), we are working proactively to fulfill our corporate social responsibility in the international community.

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Relief Activities in the Wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake

In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011, we formed a disaster relief team to send to the Northern Tsunami Disaster Volunteer Center in the Sendai district of Miyagi Prefecture to join human relief activities. The KOYOU Group will continue to support recovery and reconstruction in the East Japan area.

Participation in the Yui no Ba Project Organized by the Reconstruction Agency

The KOYOU Group is participating in the Reconstruction Agency's project called Yui no Ba to link businesses facing managerial issues in disaster-hit regions with resources in large companies and others. At the moment, we are taking action to identify issues through dialogues with businesses in the disaster-afflicted regions to offer help with reconstruction.

Participation in the Michinoku Shinrokuden project

The KOYOU Group supports the Michinoku Shinrokuden archiving project led by Tohoku University. Providing support and cooperation in this project, we participate in social contribution activities based on information sharing with other supporting bodies in contribution to future disaster control.

Organization of a One-Day Skiing Lesson with Kentaro Minagawa

In the hopes of doing something for children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we organized and held a skiing lesson with the agreement and help of alpine skier Kentaro Minagawa.