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This page looks back at the history of KOYOU HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

1957 KOYOU BUSSAN Co., Ltd. is established.
1968 KOYOU BUSSAN sets up a rental service department to embark on the rental service.
1970 KOYOU BUSSAN spins off its rental service department into KOYOU LEASE Co., Ltd.
1974 KOYOU LEASE spins off its logistics and maintenance operations into KOYOU SERVICE Co., Ltd.
1980 A new building for the KOYOU Group is constructed at Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
1999 KOYOU LEASE embarks on the second-hand store service dealing in office equipment, electric appliances, furniture and other items.
2001 KOYOU SERVICE embarks on sales of different office supplies and custom-made equipment.
2005 KOYOU LEASE spins off its logistics operations into KOYOU LOGI-X Co., Ltd.
2006 KOYOU LEASE spins off its IT and repair service operations into KOYOU INNOTEX Co., Ltd.
2007 The KOYOU Group celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation.
2008 KOYOU LEASE spins off its second-hand store operations into RESTA Co., Ltd.
2009 KOYOU HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. is established by means of a company name change from KOYOU BUSSAN.
A new KOYOU BUSSAN Co., Ltd. is established to take over the former KOYOU BUSSAN's office equipment sales operations and interior goods operations.
2014 ONE DESIGNS Co., Ltd. is established.
2015 ONE DESIGNS launches the Milan Office in Italy.
2016 The name of Koyou Lease Co., Ltd. is changed to Koyou Rentia Co., Ltd. The head office is moved to Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.